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Get ready to throw out your weight loss books, delete your calorie counting apps, and ditch diets forever because you won’t ever need them again (peace out, diets!). You’re about to discover the secrets to ditching diets for good, making peace with food, and experiencing confidence in your body. The best part? Finally Free empowers you with this freedom for good (FINALLY!)!

Many women spend their lives believing the lie that in order to look and feel good you have to restrict yourself, obsess over food, or just try “one more diet.” They spend months, years and sometimes decades chasing body perfection through fads, rules, and prohibitive plans. When each diet inevitably fails them, they experience shame, disappointment, fear, and sometimes behavior like binge eating. Unceasingly, the cycle begins again and they turn to another diet in the hopes that it will bring them the peace, beauty, love, success, or perfection they desire. The up-and-down, binge-restrict, good-and-bad cycle continues, trapping successful women and making them feel exhausted, desperate, and unworthy. And you know what? It SUCKS.

The problem is that diets don’t teach you what your body needs, how to figure that out, or where to find the loving motivation to create permanent change. And, when you don’t love yourself, it makes it a heck of a lot harder to do nice things for yourself (like eating well, moving your body, resting, and having some freaking fun!).

Your Certified Holistic Health and Transformational Coaching Method Coaches Paige Schmidt & Simi Botic have bottled up that magic just for you!

Meet Your Coaches:

Paige Schmidt and Simi Botic both know what it's like to struggle with food and body image. They both have a history counting calories, binge eating, over exercising, and being stuck on the yo-yo diet train.

They know what it's like to feel stuck. To not know what else to do. To know there must be something BETTER out there. To want to feel GOOD.

Intuitive eating is what helped them leave behind the exhaustive rules and burdens of dieting and finally make peace with food and their bodies.

Today, they finally feel free - which is why they created this program. To share everything they've learned with YOU.

Paige and Simi each graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became Certified Holistic Health Coaches/Practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

They are also Certified Transformational Coaching Method coaches, certified through Holistic MBA (now: Health Coach Institute).

If you would like to get better aquainted with them through their personal websites, you can here: Simi Botic + Paige Schmidt.

"This program takes you on a loving, gentle journey all the way from the huge step of giving up dieting, to this mind-blowing realization: listening to your body is truly the only tool you need to be healthy, happy, confident, glowing, and gorgeous! One of the most special parts of this is that I know I can return to this program again and again…for life! I feel such a sense of comfort knowing that this will always be here for me, any time I need a tune-up."


"If you are looking for an opportunity to stop dieting, stop the frustration, stop listing foods as “good” or “bad” and stop having to penalize or reward yourself, fighting with a size, number or scale, then please take the time to invest in yourself by participating in Finally Free!"


"Beside the AH-mazing content my ABSOLUTE most favorite part is that whenever I get tempted by the newest diet, the "rules police" start talking to me again, or I just need a refresher, I can go back at any time to any module.Because of that ability, I know this will be a lifetime program for me."


"The combination of video, outlines, and handouts makes this program easy to follow and wonderful for people who are visual and auditory learners. I loved the personal examples and stories because it felt like Simi and Paige were speaking directly to me. I can't wait to dive into this program in detail."


Finally Free is a virtual, self-paced coaching program created exclusively for you so that you can ditch diets and experience freedom, ease, and joy in your body, around food, and in life.

In Finally Free, your coaches Paige and Simi reveal the 12 breakthroughs that freed them (& hundreds of their clients) from a life spent trapped in diet hell chasing body perfection.

Finally Free is so much more than a set of rules or a meal plan.

Finally Free is a step-by-step formula to health and happiness in your natural body - and so much more.

Prepare to discover pleasure, create real transformation, and most importantly find freedom during this milestone journey.

Rather than a complex system of “yes’s” and “no’s”, Finally Free teaches you to identify your body's natural needs and how to honor those needs with freedom, ease, and joy.

You are the expert of your own body and we’re here to empower YOU to trust yourself so you can experience these freedoms for a lifetime.

Finally Free is for you if you are ready to experience the following freedoms:


  • Ignoring your body's hunger signals in favor of eating at a time and in a quantity determined by some external rule (dieting)
  • Skipping out on human interaction and connection so you can count the calories/points/macros in your food
  • Eating in a way that is unsustainable long-term, and triggering to your body's survival mechanisms which results in binge eating and a rise in your body's natural set-point weight
  • Living with an all or nothing mentality
  • Restricting and binge eating
  • Letting the number on the scale be the main indicator of your health and how you are allowed to feel about yourself
  • Exercising for calorie or fat burning regardless of how it makes you feel physically or mentally
  • Following a plan that has been proven to fail in 95% of cases, yet still makes you feel like a failure
  • Neglecting mental, physical, and emotional needs in favor of the definition of health that really just means “skinny,” and is being modeled by people who are (1) may or may not be actually healthy and (2) often don’t even look like what you’re seeing because photoshop


  • Take intentional steps to reconnect with your body’s natural signals
  • Learn to speak with compassion, honesty, respect to yourself
  • Trade judgment for curiosity, so that you can learn more about yourself and your needs
  • Develop the skills to nourish and nurture yourself, balancing your physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs
  • Feel safe, rather than terrified or triggered, around food, so you can make empowered and calm choices about what would feel good for you
  • Listen to your body’s messages about what you need
  • Practice flexibility
  • Look at overall well-being as an indicator of your health
  • Move your body in ways that enhance and support you
  • Experience joy, presence, flexibility, and connection
  • Care for your body today, regardless of whether certain “conditions” (like being a certain weight) have been met (AKA having unconditional self-care and respect)
  • Learn to embrace your body's healthiest and happiest shape/size with the understanding that all bodies are made to change

With Finally Free, this is what you have to look forward to! We designed this program with you in mind and every step walks you on a straight path to these very freedoms.

"This program has been a total game-changer in my life. I've been opened up to see the feelings of guilt that I often associate with food or exercise, and I can’t begin to explain the burden and weight that has been lifted as I’ve incorporated these techniques and suggestions into my daily routine."


"Inspiring and empowering are the words I would use to describe this program! The program does not intimidate you by setting out strict rules or guidelines, but instead provides you with tools to be the best and happiest version of yourself for life."


"I don’t think there’s ever been a more apt name for a program than “Finally Free.” I feel somehow lighter and more confident after just three sessions. Though the concept of intuitive eating can be intimidating, it’s reassuring to know there are not one but two beautiful, real women rooting me on."


Finally Free is a self-paced intuitive eating coaching program created for you to take you through lessons which will help you ditch dieting and experience more freedom, joy, and ease in your body, around food, and in life.


  • 12 video based intuitive eating coaching sessions
  • A library of customized handouts, worksheets, and curated action steps to spark transformation and optimize your success every step of the way
  • 12 transformational topics to help you find your healthiest, happiest body
  • Access to all future bonus material and upgrades to Finally Free (including bonus videos on topics requested from Finally Free members)
  • Lifetime access to this virtual program for the life of the program

"The program is beautifully designed to include twelve sessions to work through at your own pace, which I LOVE because I am so busy all of the time. Each session contains a video of Paige and Simi discussing the topic, and it really does feel like they are in the same room."


"I am so happy I got to experience Finally Free at my own pace so I could really soak up all the deep material. As someone who already has a great deal of knowledge about health and wellness, I still felt like I gained so much more clarity and perspective from this program."


"Simi and Paige have designed a program that feels so honest and resonant because it was created by women who have been there. It offered me a totally refreshing medium for shifting how I relate to pleasure, my body, the present moment, and -- of course -- food."


"Finally Free is not only about changing your relationship with food, but also learning to love yourself. Taking care of myself is one of the most important things I have learned. Learning to accept who I am and how to surround myself with those who support me, has been crucial. I am so happy I found & committed to being Finally Free!"


"Finally Free has taught me to focus on the things I love, enjoy moments where I am eating in silence, savoring each bite, & moments where I am surrounded by friends & family -- previously fearing both. As I listen to my body, the foods I eat & the workouts I choose now fill me with love & confidence -- feelings I thought I might never experience! Thank you Finally Free!"



  • Learn why diets don't work & the proven method that actually does!
  • Dive deep into 12 transformative topics (view course curriculum below for a list of all topics)
  • Identify & overcome triggers + self-sabotage
  • Discover the secret core shift that diets don't teach you (& the secret to true body freedom!)
  • Reframe the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Learn how to overcome negative thinking around food (yes! this is the kind of thinking that you've been told will help you but is actually hurting your relationship with food + your body)
  • Create the healthy, relaxed, normal & fun relationship with food that you're craving
  • Learn to listen to & respect your body using this proven step-by-step method
  • Gain insight, encouragement, & guided breakthroughs from your two coaches who totally get it (yes, they've been where you are & are now teaching you what helped them break free)
  • Discover lasting change & freedom from yo-yo-dieting (& feelings of failure, guilt, & obsession that come with it)
  • Embrace the healthy, happy life you were created to live! It's waiting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Finally Free is currently OPEN! Join now and get access to the entire course immediately. The program is self-paced, so you can move through the 12 sessions as quickly as you like! You'll have access for the lifetime of the program, so you can watch and re-watch as many times as needed.. Questions? Email us at [email protected]
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for the lifetime of Finally Free Program - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you join Finally Free Program and are unsatisfied within your first week, you may ask for a full refund. We would never want you to be unhappy, and pride ourselves on having a thriving, satisfied group of women in the program!